WNBA Today, 06/28/2011: WNBA by Haiku

Another Monday without any games brings about the long-awaited return of my WNBA haikus. Well, long-awaited might admittedly be a stretch, but I did them once back at SportsPageMagazine and they went down okay, so see what you think. I was going to provide them in my standard East-West alphabetical format, but then decided it would be more fun if I left you all to guess which one applied to which team.

Therefore, 12 haikus, and extra brownie points if you work out the applicable teams and the pattern they’ve ultimately been presented in. Normal service will resume tomorrow, with more game coverage and slightly less artistic expression.



Winds of change often

leave carnage in wake. One star

needs help to conjure.


Tide can only rise

when at its lowest. Canute’s

kids may need new king.

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