WNBA Today, 08/18/2011: Searching for Answers

Because of the very useful tools that came with setting up WNBAlien, I can see how people arrive at this site. In the same way, I can also see which search engine terms people have used in order to be referred here. Typically it’s obvious stuff like ‘wnbalien’, ‘wnba alien’ or ‘wnba’, but some of them have been interesting, amusing or downright bizarre. Some of them have also been questions that have led people here, but weren’t actually answered on the site. So I’m taking this opportunity to hopefully entertain and amuse – and to answer those questions. I figure that if someone was interested enough to search, and kind enough to visit my site as a result, it’s only fair that I provide a few replies. Plus maybe I’ll gain a few extra readers if they plug the same search back in again and wander back. So here we go – all the bolded phrases were the exact search terms that have led people to WNBAlien during its brief existence, with semi-colons separating the different searches. All spelling errors have been left in for the sake of accuracy.


how much was chastity reed’s contract with the tulsa shocks worth; how much does natasha lacy make; courtney vandersloot contract salery

First a few easy ones. Chastity Reed was on the first year of a third-rounder’s rookie-scale contract before Tulsa dumped her, meaning she would’ve earned $36,570 if she’d survived the whole season. She lasted under half the year on the roster, and ultimately made around 16 grand.

Natasha Lacy was signed by Los Angeles as a free agent for the league minimum, and as a player with under three years of WNBA service, that’s also $36,570 this season. Unlike Reed, Lacy will receive all of it. Taking the question in its entirety, Lacy will likely make more over the WNBA offseason, where this year she’ll be playing for Ceyhan in Turkey. Although she obviously won’t be making the large sums that the stars can earn on European teams.

Like Reed, Vandersloot’s a rookie, but as a top-four pick she makes rather more. This season, she’s on $46,708, which will progressively rise to $59,552 by her fourth year in the league (assuming nothing’s gone horribly wrong and led to her being waived).


wnba trade braxton; trade braxton; kara braxton out for personal reasons; wnba braxton; wnba braxton trade; kara braxton what’s conduct detrimental to the team mean

There were more too, but I think you get the gist. Continue reading


Your WNBA Questions Answered, 06/14/2011

Thanks for the questions everyone submitted. This will be a recurring feature, so feel free to leave any more queries you have in the comments below or drop me a line via email or tweet.


Q. How well would a team made entirely of top Europeans (i.e. Dumerc, Palau, Cohen, Jekabsone, Bibrzycka, Torrens, Viteckova, Gruda, Stepanova, Yilmaz, Verameyenka) fare in the WNBA? (Anon)

A. This question came from someone called Name, with the email address of randomletters@thatresembleemailaddress.com. I have an inkling that those might just be fake, but I like the question so much that I’m going to answer it anyway. Continue reading