WNBA Today, 08/18/2011: Searching for Answers

Because of the very useful tools that came with setting up WNBAlien, I can see how people arrive at this site. In the same way, I can also see which search engine terms people have used in order to be referred here. Typically it’s obvious stuff like ‘wnbalien’, ‘wnba alien’ or ‘wnba’, but some of them have been interesting, amusing or downright bizarre. Some of them have also been questions that have led people here, but weren’t actually answered on the site. So I’m taking this opportunity to hopefully entertain and amuse – and to answer those questions. I figure that if someone was interested enough to search, and kind enough to visit my site as a result, it’s only fair that I provide a few replies. Plus maybe I’ll gain a few extra readers if they plug the same search back in again and wander back. So here we go – all the bolded phrases were the exact search terms that have led people to WNBAlien during its brief existence, with semi-colons separating the different searches. All spelling errors have been left in for the sake of accuracy.


how much was chastity reed’s contract with the tulsa shocks worth; how much does natasha lacy make; courtney vandersloot contract salery

First a few easy ones. Chastity Reed was on the first year of a third-rounder’s rookie-scale contract before Tulsa dumped her, meaning she would’ve earned $36,570 if she’d survived the whole season. She lasted under half the year on the roster, and ultimately made around 16 grand.

Natasha Lacy was signed by Los Angeles as a free agent for the league minimum, and as a player with under three years of WNBA service, that’s also $36,570 this season. Unlike Reed, Lacy will receive all of it. Taking the question in its entirety, Lacy will likely make more over the WNBA offseason, where this year she’ll be playing for Ceyhan in Turkey. Although she obviously won’t be making the large sums that the stars can earn on European teams.

Like Reed, Vandersloot’s a rookie, but as a top-four pick she makes rather more. This season, she’s on $46,708, which will progressively rise to $59,552 by her fourth year in the league (assuming nothing’s gone horribly wrong and led to her being waived).


wnba trade braxton; trade braxton; kara braxton out for personal reasons; wnba braxton; wnba braxton trade; kara braxton what’s conduct detrimental to the team mean

There were more too, but I think you get the gist. This is another reason that I wanted more trades before the damn deadline – that ‘Grading the Trade’ piece about Braxton was one of the most popular articles to appear on the site.


tulsa shock horrible

Yes, yes they are. Not entirely sure what this person was hoping to find via this search, but hopefully he or she gained some confirmation upon arriving at WNBAlien.


wnbalien blog horrible

I like to think that this person saw me mention the Tulsa search above on a certain internet forum, and was looking for more about the Shock. It makes me feel better, okay?


richard cohen wnba blog terrible

Now that’s just mean. But I kind of love this one. Firstly, why would you search for that? Was the person hoping to find someone else on the internet posting about how terrible this site is? Secondly, once the person had searched for that – they followed the search result to this site. Some people are weird. Or maybe they got confused about horrible/terrible and were still looking for stuff about how bad Tulsa were. That’s possible, right?


how long will the tulsa shock last; how long will the tulsa shock keep losing

While I can’t argue with them being horrible, these are a little more complicated. Assuming the first question meant the franchise, hopefully quite some time. It was an unusual place to take a team in the first place, but that should mean that the owners knew what they were getting themselves into. That’s what franchises need to survive, even more than decent players and wins – dedicated ownership. So far, the group in Tulsa seem to be invested in their team and trying to improve matters, so there’s no sign of them going anywhere just yet. Let’s hope it stays that way.

As for the losing, it could be quite some time. The WNBA record for the worst record ever stands at 3-27 by the 1998 Washington Mystics, and at 1-22 the Shock are looking strong candidates to ‘beat’ that mark. Unfortunately for them, they only faced LA without Candace Parker once, and messed that opportunity up down the stretch. They’ve got three more to come against the Sparks, but their chances diminish significantly with Parker in the way. They’ve already played both their games against Washington. Basically, next season might be your best bet.


who said so near but yet so far; are zebras still zebras even tho they dont have stripes?

These are amusing, because they match up with phrases I’ve used as subheadings for the WNBA Today articles. Anyone who searched for those answers and ended up here, probably didn’t find quite what they were looking for.


ben york wnba attention

Yes, Ben’s that ubiquitous across WNBA media that people are even ending up here while looking for him. Try any other site with WNBA coverage on the entire internet.


kristi toliver; kristi toliver instigator; kristi toliver sniper; taurasi yelling at toliver

Any time you fancy getting into another snit Kristi, please feel free. It boosts my traffic.


who will win the wnba game between [various entities]

It’s amazing how common this one is. There isn’t much sport to bet on over the summer, and gamblers are always looking for an edge, so lots of searches about lines, predictions and picks end up here. I’d probably end up with a lot more hits if I picked every game against the spread before tip-off. Might be an idea worth exploring for next season.


ilona korstin 2011 elbow, ilona korstine eurobasket suspension, korstin suspended

Yeah, I’m still pissed about this one, so I’m throwing it in. No, Korstin wasn’t suspended for her vicious elbow in the dying seconds of Russia’s group game against Great Britain at EuroBasket Women 2011. But she damn well should’ve been. Russia went on to win the tournament, and qualify for the Olympic Games over here next year. Rest assured that I’ll be there, booing her vociferously every step of the way.


charles langhorne taylor

Doesn’t that sound like an old balding guy who should be writing textbooks about ancient history? As the person ended up here, hopefully he/she was talking about Tina, Crystal and Penny.


why doesn’t brian agler play belinda snell

Because Brian Agler hates bench players. I think a bench may have fallen on him as a small child.


why is coach whisenant not playing sydney colson?

Because her feet move significantly faster than her hands or her brain at this point. She’s insanely quick, but she’s got a long way to go as a professional point guard.


why doesn’t joe bryant play tina thompson

Well he does, sometimes. But when he doesn’t it’s because she’s looked really old at times this year, and LA have a lot of other options at power forward. We might well be watching the final couple of months of Thompson’s storied career.


lachina rebkell; lachina and sancho lyttle; lachina armintie

Apparently, not many people on the internet are talking about Atlanta commentator LaChina Robinson, so the two articles where I’ve briefly mentioned her have led anyone searching for her here. Hey LaChina!


07/06/2011 temperatures

Your guess is as good as mine how that brought someone here.


testing install only, currently broken as of 06232011

This one was so bizarre that I went and checked, and WNBAlien was indeed the second hit on Google if you searched for that phrase, due to a strange series of coincidences involving my use of some of those words. The internet is a funny old place.


lindsey harding 2011 katie

I’m leaving that one alone.


what is jennifer gillom wnba doing now

Sitting on her couch?


wnba all star over under prediction

I’m going with 231 points as my prediction for the total. What do you mean it’s a bit late now?


katie feenstra-mattera

See, even people searching for WNBA players who haven’t been in the league for two years end up here. That’s just how comprehensive WNBAlien is.


damiris wnba, “damiris dantas”+wnba

And to go along with that, we’ve got searchers arriving thinking about the future. I’m not the only one wondering just how high the Brazilian youngster might go in the 2012 WNBA Draft.


angie bjorklund waived; why did angie bjorklund get released; angie bjorklund waved by chicago; angie bjorklund; will angie bjorklund be picked up by another wnba team after release from chicago; what will she do now angie bjorklund waived; why was angie bjorklund waived; news angie bjorklund; angie bjorklund is she still playing basketball; who will replace angie on the chicago sky

I kid you not. And several of those terms were used multiple times. Apparently, Angie Bjorklund really needs a dedicated website, because either a) there’s nowhere else to read anything about her, or b) there’s so much interest and her fans are so dedicated they even ended up here. Over and over again. For the record, I have no idea what Angie Bjorklund has been doing since Chicago waived her. But Shay Murphy has made it pretty obvious that there were better options available to the Sky. I would presume a season in Europe awaits for Bjorklund, but at present I have no idea where.

That’s about it for the searches that were remotely interesting or chuckle-worthy. Feel free to just ask me a question in the comments section below any article (or via tweet/email) if you’ve arrived here looking for answers. I’m usually reasonably helpful.


In other news…

Tulsa’s Liz Cambage and Minnesota’s Charde Houston both received warnings today about wearing their shorts too high. Or tucking them in too much. Or something. The shorts are just wrong, anyway. The league really should have better things to do.

Seattle’s Lauren Jackson, the WNBA’s MVP last season, is almost ready to return to action. Not quite cleared yet, but right on the brink. After four losses in their last five and Candace Parker having just returned for the team chasing them, Seattle will be delighted to welcome LJ back as soon as possible. It certainly looks like she should be on the floor by the time they face LA twice in three days at the end of the month, which could be crucial.

Coverage of all of tonight’s games will be in tomorrow’s column.


Today’s Games:

Connecticut @ New York, 7pm ET

Minnesota @ Washington, 7pm ET

Indiana @ Los Angeles, 10.30pm ET


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