Welcome, earthlings

The internet doesn’t have enough independent writers talking about the WNBA and women’s pro basketball. So here I am, along with my little green friend up there, Al. Some of you may recognise my name and style from SportsPageMagazine.com, where I may still be making occasional appearances.

The idea of this site is to provide readable and entertaining analysis of the games and events in the WNBA. Some of you may have read my ‘This Week in the WNBA’ column last year – well this season I’m aiming for ‘WNBA Today’ instead, i.e. daily updates about the previous night’s games, injuries, trades, league-wide trends and anything else I can think of. And if you’re really lucky I might cover other aspects of the global women’s game, like the upcoming EuroBasket Women, as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy and keep coming back.