WNBA Offseason Overview/Preseason Preview: Connecticut Sun

Current roster certainties and virtual certainties:

PG: Renee Montgomery/Kara Lawson

SG: Kalana Greene/Tan White/Allison Hightower

SF: Danielle McCray

PF: Asjha Jones/Kelsey Griffin

C: Tina Charles/Mistie Bass

Fighting for the final roster spot: Sidney Spencer, Jessica Breland, Dawn Evans, Chay Shegog


Well this one’s dull. Sun head coach Mike Thibault is so convinced that his roster is all set and that no one could break into his rotation that he used the 9th pick in the draft on a Malian 19-year old playing in the French second division. Free agency produced forward/center Mistie Bass as a serviceable replacement for Jessica Moore to back up the post players, and WNBA running joke Sidney Spencer. The last time Spencer had any real success on a WNBA floor was in her rookie year in 2007, but somebody’s going to have to fill that 11th spot on this roster and it could easily end up being her.

That’s about it. Sorry Sun fans, but when your team basically does nothing in the offseason, there’s not much to write about in a wrap-up.


3 comments on “WNBA Offseason Overview/Preseason Preview: Connecticut Sun

  1. Patrick says:

    hmmmm….Tina Charles & …… I like both Jones and Griffin, and frankly Charles will draw enough attention for hustle posts like them to put up some numbers, but I still am shaking my head at the fact that four of their starters are UCONN products and two of them really only looked great because Tina Charles and Maya Moore WERE great.

    • Yeah, I’ll have more in my actual season previews in a couple of weeks, but I still don’t see it with this team either. Assuming their key pieces stay healthy, they look good enough to be good, but not good enough to really threaten to win a title to me.

      But then, they won 21 games last year, and have some players who should still be improving, so what do I know?

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