WNBA Today, 07/26/2011: In very, very brief

Apologies to anyone waiting on a proper update tonight. All the writing over the last couple of days and all the games tonight mean you’re just getting the CliffsNotes in this one. Check out the Eastern and Western Conference trade possibility columns from the last two days if you didn’t catch them already.

In signing news, it would appear that Kerri Gardin is Washington’s 11th player. Not because they did anything useful like announce it, but because she played for them tonight. Which tends to suggest that a player is on the roster. New York re-signed Felicia Chester to fill their 11th spot, presumably to a seven-day deal in case something better comes along. I’m surprised it hasn’t already, to be honest.

On the injury front, Sancho Lyttle still didn’t dress for Atlanta tonight due to her back injury, despite the claims that she’d be returning after the All-Star break. Fellow Dream post Courtney Paris was at least back after missing one game before the break. In unfortunate fresh injury news, San Antonio’s rookie all-star Danielle Adams hurt her right ankle or foot in the fourth-quarter of tonight’s game. She was in a lot of pain and needed the physical support of two teammates to make it back to the locker room. Hopefully it’s just a sprain, but don’t be surprised if she misses at least a couple of games.

Back to the proper column tomorrow, with the usual in-depth analysis. I promise.


Today’s Games (already completed):

San Antonio @ Washington, 7pm ET

Atlanta @ Tulsa, 8pm ET

Los Angeles @ Minnesota, 8pm ET

Connecticut @ Chicago, 8pm ET

Seattle @ Phoenix, 10pm ET


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