24 hours, 12 teams, eleventy-billion words of previews

Anyone who’s read one of my preview pieces before (last season’s was here, if you’re interested) will know that I like to make them long, and I like to present them at the very last minute. I also like to make them accurate, and as WNBA teams don’t cut their rosters down to the requisite 11 until the day before the regular season starts, I have to wait until then if I want to know the opening day roster. So here’s what we’re going to do: 12 separate articles previewing the 12 WNBA teams, all coming tomorrow, hopefully finished before the Minnesota@LA game tips off at 11pm ET.

I’d try to make it all pretty and consistent by publishing one every two hours, but I have a horrible feeling that sleep might make that difficult. So come back tomorrow, read the previews, comment in the comments section, then run off and tell all your friends to come here to read and comment as well. It’d be kinda nice if people would read all this stuff, considering how much work is going to go into it…


One comment on “24 hours, 12 teams, eleventy-billion words of previews

  1. petrel says:

    Looking forward to future posts, and adding this site as a must-read.

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